I Want Candy

Charlotte Free, Wildfox Couture, Pink hair
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Polly pocket, polly pocket 90's
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I've had a serious sweet tooth in the last week. I haven't acted on it too severely either, so there's that little tidbit as to why it hasn't ceased. It's also my mom's birthday, so I have cupcakes dancing around in my head and it's mildly disturbing. When I go shopping, my attention is immediately drawn to the brightest thing in the store. It's like I'm a moth to a flame. The nostalgia kick this week has been equally bad, if not worse. I've been packing my bags to the sounds of Mase, TLC, and the Spice Girls among others. To add to that, I'm coveting modern takes on styles from well over 20 years ago. 90's kid problems...

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  1. ha ha ha @''attracted to brighter things in the store''' ....i'm also a sweet tooth (chocolate,cakes and ice creams mostly).i can't help myself.