I'm a-a foodie

And Ice is back with a brand new edition. When most fashion bloggers are posting about New York Fashion Week, I come along to ruin it. I'll have my obligatory Fashion Week post soon enough, but nothing in the form of me prancing around in what I'd wear to it because I've fallen upon a bit of a conundrum with my clothing. Either I've gotten smaller or my clothes have gotten bigger. I'm going with the latter because I'm a backwards human being.

Now on to today's story. After having my mother hover over my laptop more times than I can count in the last month, I discovered something: I'm a compulsive pinner and majority of my pins are food. Not shoes, but mouth watering variations of burgers and gnocchi. In fact, my mother's exact words were "I feel like you're hungry all the time. You keep looking at food online and I know you eat a lot. Where does it go?" My response was that I'm just pinning things I want to make when in reality I'm just a smaller version of Ryan Reeves aka WWE's Ryback and I get a little too excited for food. Hell, I've thought about chanting "Feed Me More" for the sake of saying it.

I feel like I cheat on my love of shoes with food sometimes. I will take a steamed dumpling over those thigh high riding boots in a heartbeat. If food and I were an OTP - that's One True Pairing for those who didn't have a Tumblr period - I would go down with that ship.

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  1. I am like that with instagram. Food and Shoes for me. Nice blog. I am following you, hun! stop by my place sometimes.